A Traditional Style of Hawaiian Cooking from Waipahu

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Hawaii Food Products INC in Waipahu, HI is a USDA-accredited supplier of first class authentic Hawaiian and Polynesian food. We are a family business offering quality products and service to both commercial and private customers. Our customers have enjoying our Hawaiian flavors since 1955. Stop by our shop today, or place your order online by clicking the button below or give us a call. We will exceed your expectations and give you great service with a smile.
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Splendid Tastes of Polynesia

After 22 years of perfection, you can count on a tasty meal with any selection of our food you choose. All of our items, including luau items, are cooked in the traditional Hawaiian manner and then vacuumed-sealed for maximum freshness. No matter if you're ordering for a new dining experience or to offer an exciting choice for grocery shoppers, you can't go wrong with our products.  We offer:

Laulau, Kalua, Sausages, Lomi Salmon, Poi, Luau Leaves, Char Siu, Roast Pork, Chips, and Luau Packages
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Shipped to Your Home or Grocery Store

Attract more customers to your grocery store with a selection of delicious traditional Hawaiian foods. Does your family seek something different, yet tasty for dinner? Bring a new flavor to both with items from Hawaii Food Products. We offer wholesale and retail sales of traditional Hawaiian food products from our Waipahu, Hawaii, location. Let your customers and family experience Polynesian cuisine in their very own kitchen without having to travel.

Call us today at 808-638-3223 to order fresh pork and other Hawaiian food products for your luau.
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